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Alternative Method of Instruction (AMI)

For the 2019-2020 school year, South Side Bee Branch School District has been approved by the Arkansas Department of Education for Alternative Methods of Instruction (AMI) i.e. Virtual Snow Days.  During alternative method of instruction day(s), students will engage in learning by logging onto their teacher’s web page and/or completing assignments that the teacher has provided for the missed day.  Students will be able to submit the assignments through Google Classroom and have contact with the teacher through Google Classroom or email.  Teachers may also send out assignment reminders through apps like Remind or E-Notes from their teacher webpage.  

Students who do not have access to the internet will be given assignment packets prior to the threat of any inclement days.  Teachers will prepare and distribute packets to identified students.  

Attendance for students will be counted in one of two ways:

  1. For students with internet access, students must complete all assignments provided by the teacher and complete a login process on his or her teacher’s web page.  If students with internet access lose access due to inclement weather, the student will be required to complete the work within two days of internet access returning.  
  2. For those students without internet access during inclement weather, instructional packets must be completed and turned into the teacher no later than two days after school resumes.   

Students that do not meet any or all of the above requirements will be counted absent. 

The administration will determine if any missed day(s) is an AMI or a day to be made-up at the end of the school calendar.  Students, parents, and staff will be notified of the administration’s decision when a notification for school cancellation has been sent. 

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