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Class Baskets that are being auction off at Fall Festival Saturday night:

  1. Kindergarten-Ms. Barger     Games Basket
  2. Kindergarten-Ms. Hudspeth  Snacks Basket                                                                                              
  3. 1st Grade-Ms. Drivers          Christmas Basket
  4. 1st Grade-Ms. Hulse              Art
  5. 2nd Grade-Ms. Rorie             Hornets Basket
  6. 2nd Grade-Ms. Zimmerman  Thanksgiving Basket                                                                                   
  7. 3rd Grade-Ms. Mills              Coffee Basket
  8. 3rd Grade-Ogle-Pennington    Picnic Basket                                                                                              
  9. 4th Grade-Ms. Battles           Hunting Basket                                                                              
  10. 5th Grade-Ms. Armstead     Beauty Basket
  11. 5th Grade-Ms. Crider           Movie Basket
  12. 6th Grade-Ms. Johnson        Teacher Basket
  13. 6th Grade-Ms. Thomas         Razorback Basket                                                                                                 
  14. 7th Grade       Kitchen Basket
  15. 8th Grade      Chocolate Basket
  16. 9th Grade      Outdoor/Camping Basket           
  17. 10th Grade    Fishing Basket
  18. 12th Grade    Home Fragrance            

This will be in the Gym where Bingo is being played. You will have until Bingo is over to bid on these baskets. The teacher will be in contact with the highest bidder.