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Track & Field Information

  1. Who can be on the team?

    • Any 7-12th grader who has a GPA of 2.0 or higher.

  2. When will practice be?

    • Practice will be every day after school until 4:00 – 4:30 unless Mrs. Barger cancels practice.

    • Until basketball season gets over, there will be short practices on game days except for away games. Check with Mrs. Barger for details.

  3. What will I need for practice/meets?

    • For practice, you’ll need athletic wear INCLUDING tennis shoes. Shorts, sweatpants/sweatshirt, t-shirts, long sleeve shirts, etc are all acceptable attire.

    • For track meets, the school provides a uniform that you need to bring/wear to every meet. You can wear compression shorts under the shorts but if you are on a relay team, each member of the relay has to match. If that means rolling the compression shorts up for the race, that is fine as well.  You may also wear t-shirts and sweats at the meet over your uniform until your event begins.

    • You may choose to buy track spikes and if you’d like to look at some online or in the magazines you can; see Mrs. Barger for details. You may also try them on at Hibbett Sports in Conway or Fleet Feet in Conway.

  4. When are track meets?

    • 7th grade meets are typically on Mondays, Jr. High (8-9th grade) meets on Tuesdays, and Sr. High (10-12th) meets on Thursdays.

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