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Food Box Drive

Posted Date: 10/30/2020

Food Box Drive

The high school and elementary school will be collecting food for the upcoming Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday food boxes we send home with families who may need help during these times of the year. Our collection will begin on Monday, November 2nd, and will run as long as needed to help provide for those who need it most. We will be collecting food by grade, and the grade who brings the most items will be rewarded with a prize.

High school may bring the following items:

7th - Green Beans/Corn

8th - Instant Potatoes (boxes or bagged)

9th - Boxed Stuffing

10th - Cranberry Sauce/Gravy Packets

11th - Boxed/Bagged Desserts (brownies, cookies,

cheesecake mix)

12th - Macaroni and Cheese

We will also be collecting snack-type food or quick meals for students to have during the weeks they are home without school-provided lunch and breakfast. ANY CLASS may bring these items to add to their number for the competition:

Granola bars, canned soups, fruit snacks, juice boxes, canned beans, peanut butter, ramen noodles, cheese and crackers, etc.

Elementray students will need to bring items to their classroom teacher. Each grade has a designated item to bring for food boxes. The list can be found below.

Kindergarten - mashed potatoes/gravy

1st - green beans

2nd - corn/carrots

3rd - macaroni and cheese

4th - stuffing/dressing

5th - sweet potatoes/yams

6th - snacks (granola bars, canned soups, fruit snacks, juice, canned beans, peanut butter)

If you (or your church) would like to sponsor a child/children, let the elementary counselor, Mrs. Lovell, know through email or text. This year more than ever, the kids will need some normalcy and stability during the holidays. Thank you for your support.

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